The Journalism Studies Center, located in the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna, is concerned with the interdisciplinary study of journalism and its interaction with societal fields across different cultural contexts, employing qualitative and quantitative approaches. In doing so, we aspire to generate knowledge that is theoretically innovative and of relevance for society.

Key foci of research conducted at the Center include:

  • Transformations of journalism and journalism education against the background of political, economic, technological and cultural influences
  • (Re-)Conceptualizations of journalism
  • Journalism and Collective Memory
  • Reciprocal relationships between journalism and other societal fields


  • 13.09.2023 New publication!
    Juarez Miro, C. (2023). "Everything is biased": Populist supporters' folk theories of journalism. The International Journal of Press/Politics. Advance online publication. doi:10.1177/19401612231197617
  • 07.09.2023  New publicaton!
    Hendrickx, J., Van Remoortere, A., & Opgenhaffen, M. (2023). Love, Like or Angry in Times of COVID-19? Analysing News Brands’ Audience Engagement on Facebook Amidst a Pandemic. Journalism and Media, 4(3), 931-945. https://doi.org/10.3390/journalmedia4030060

  • 30.08.2023 Lots of conferences coming up!
    Our team will present 5 papers at different conferences in the upcoming days and month, including the Future of Journalism Conference. Take a look at our presetations website for more details!
  • 29.07.2023 New publication!
    Maares, P., Banjac, S., & Nölleke, D. (2023). Newsrooms as Sites of Community and Identity: Exploring the Importance of Material Place for Journalistic Work. Journalism Studies. Advanced online publication: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/1461670X.2023.2241074 . Published online: 29/07/2023.
  • 01.07.2023 Interview with Folker on our FWF project
    Would you like to know more about our FWF project? Please take a look at the interview in Die Presse (only in German).