Kim Löhmann, MSc

Predoctoral Researcher

Project: From Core to Periphery: Boundaries of Journalism


Kim Löhmann
Währinger Straße 29
1090 Wien

T: +43-1-4277-49392

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Research Interests

  •  Sustainable Journalism ⎜Comparative Journalism ⎜Lifestyle Journalism

Kim Löhmann is a pre-doctoral researcher in the FWF-funded project “From Core to Periphery: Boundaries of Journalism” focussing on the legitimization strategies and mutual relations between traditional journalists, peripheral actors and audiences of journalism.

Her research interests are mainly focused on the boundaries of journalism and the concept of diversity in Austrian journalism with a particular focus on power relations.Prior to her doctoral studies, she completed a Master's degree in Communication Science at the University of Vienna in 2022. During her graduate studies she worked as a research assistant in the FWF-funded project „Journalism under Duress: Risk and Uncertainty in a Changing Mediascape", which investigates risks and uncertainties journalists are facing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as around the globe as a part of the Worlds of Journalism study.